Why AgileIP

Advantages …


No need for purchasing expensive phone systems, or servers.

No need for paying expensive technical support for adding/removing phone lines, moving phones, or making adjustments to your system.

No need to pay for a communications manager to take care of your system – We do it all for free.



Keep your existing phone numbers, the number that customers have come to trust will not change.



No downtime. Even if your internet or power goes down, calls are automatically routed to backup numbers (such as mobile numbers) to ensure you never miss your customers’ calls.



Full technical support: your communication systems are the heartbeat of your business’s connectivity to your clients. We understand this, and subsequently offer full technical support. Be it by phone, e-mail, or in person, AgileIP will never leave your business without support for its communication system.



Free installation/management of all our products: The installation, and management of your phone system is completely covered and included in your package. The bulk of your company’s savings will be in this department, as yearly support and maintenance on traditional phone systems cost well into the thousands.



Whatever your level of expertise, our experienced support team are here to help you with any questions you might have.



Cheaper long-distance; by using the internet to make phone calls, long distance savings can be as high as 50%.



Plug your phone in any internet port, anywhere in the world, and make calls using your business number as if it were a local call.



Forward calls to as many different endpoints as you like – your office phone, mobile, house phone etc. can all ring when a customer is trying to reach you.



Voicemails can be automatically forwarded to any e-mail address, making it easy and convenient to listen to messages when at work, or away.