AgileIP phone system is the cutting edge in hosted IP telephony that was designed to exceed communication expectations.


Your business is constantly moving, evolving, and growing . So should your phone system. Avoid wasting time dialing in for voicemails, missing important calls from your customers, and being confined to work from the office, with features such as voicemail to email, advanced call forwarding, and plug and call from anywhere. Installed for free in as little as 24 hours with zero downtime, update your communication needs quickly and without interruptions. Enjoy all the benefits of the Agile system, without any long-term commitment, via a contract free, month to month plan.


Personalized Customer Service

One of the core beliefs at AgileIP is that our service is only as good as our customers tell us it is. This means that everything we do from our core service to our customer support has you in mind.


Your phone system is the heartbeat of your business communications – We‘re here to make sure it works. In addition to our redundant infrastructure, all your business calls can automatically be rerouted to any other handset belonging to you or your employees, in the event of a disturbance. We also offer free setup and technical support, so you get professional help when you need it. With unparalleled flexibility, and rock solid reliability, AgileIP phone lines will grow with your business, and never leave your customers without a way to reach you.


Business concentration

AgileIP only serves the business market, concentrating all our time and energy on your business needs. This business-only focus gives us the advantage of allocating all our resources on your business solutions, constantly updating and perfecting the service you receive. This means that you will never be just a “number” to AgileIP. After all, the focus of your business, is our business.